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ILDRA Policies

ILDRA is goverened by a set of rules as can be found on the Rules page of this web site. In addition we adhere to and/or have adopted a number of specific policies to ensure that our activites are run within local, national and international guidelines and health & safety requirements.

Health and Safety

ILDRA Health and Safety Policy - Click here to view.

Child Protection

ILDRA recogonises its' responsibility to young people within our sport. We therefore have adopted the Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Children's Sport as jointly published by The Irish Sports Council and the Sports Council for Northern Ireland.

The Irish Sports Council and the Sports Council for Northern Ireland published a joint Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children's Sport in 2000. This major joint publication recognised the commitment of both Councils to ensure that young people are safeguarded in their participation in sport in the island of Ireland. The Code has been adopted and implemented by governing bodies of sports, clubs, local sports partnerships and community/voluntary groups on an on-going basis since 2000. It has been encouraging to see the common sense approach to the adoption of the code at grass roots level, which has resulted in protection for young people and leaders.

For members resident in Ireland Horse Sport Ireland is registered as a Relevant Organisation with the National Vetting Bureau (NVB) to process vetting applications for relevant individuals resident in the ROI. - For more information see here.

ILDRA Child Protection Child Protection

World Anti-Doping Agency

Prohibited Substances

ILDRA anti-doping rules are the Irish anti-doping rules as adopted by the Irish Sports Council, as amended from time to time. The rules contained in the said Irish anti-doping rules shall have effect and be construed as rules of the Irish Long Distance Riding Association.

Further information is available on the Irish Sports Council website: www.irishsportscouncil.ie/Anti-Doping

WADA is World Anti-Doping Agency and HSI and ILDRA adopt their policies.

See ILDRA rules (Para 11)