Endurance Riding Ireland

Endurance FAQs

This page contans a number of FAQs relating to ILDRA and our activites as well as Endurance Riding in general.

It is a work in progress and we will be adding to it. If you feel there is a FAQ that should be there please email webmaster@enduranceridingireland.com or use the contact form here.

No - you do not have to be a member to do Pleasure Rides (PRs).

Anybody can ride as a Pleasure Rider at most ILDRA rides. You can ride up to (32km 10 miles) as a PR. (Entry Fees)

Of course we do offer Pleasure Ride membership which reduces the cost of the ride and also you can register your horse for a log book to officially record all your miles thus being eligible for awards.

To do Competitive Rides (CTRs) and Endurance Rides (ERs) you must be a member and have your horse registered and issued with a log book.

All Riders must enter for rides in advance through our on-line system- no exceptions

The price of a ride varies depending on whether you are a member or not and a Junior or Senior.

The full list of prices for rides and can be found here.

Membership costs can be found here.

You can find out about types of rides on our Ride Type page here.

Yes - well just about...

For Pleasure Rides horses must be at least 4 years old.

For CTRs horses must be at least 5 years old and can then start to work up though the distances. A horse or pony can not do a ride of a longer distance that they are qualified for. Horse and Rider qualifications apply. Talk to a ride organiser at any event.

Of course it goes without saying horses must be well behaved as many of our rides are in Forest Parks that are open to the public.