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Equestrian Sports Organisations members' survey

09 Dec 21

Sports NI are very keen to work with all those involved in all aspects of equestrian disciplines both in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland and to help with this a survey has been compiled by the members of the Equestrian Sports Forum.

Please see below and click on the link - we would be delighted if you would fill the survey in to help us see what has changed in terms of your participation as a result of Covid and also investigate the opportunities there may be for all the equestrian organisations to work together, better engagement for volunteers and officials and how equestrianism in general is an important sport in both the north and south. You will also find there is the opportunity to make direct contact with those who are represented in this piece of work.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey - we are sure this will benefit us all in the future.

Click to open survey

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