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Awards for 2022

There are a number of ILDRA awards available each year to ILDRA members. Ask a committee member for full eligibility.

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The detail in this section is newish to the ILDRA web site and still not complete, especially the award history, so please bear with us as we compile it and if there is missing information and you know the recipients please do email us with details.

For a list of awards select the link below

ILDRA Awards

2022 Awards

All members are eligible for Mileage and Performance awards with a range of prestigious trophies up for grabs.

To be eligible you must have been a member in 2022 and for horse mileage awards and trophies your horse must have an up to date log book.

The awards avaiable for 2022 are list on the web site HERE
The form that you MUST complete and return is HERE

Applications should be sent to Kirsten at kirsten_136@hotmail.com by no later than theĀ 4th Jan 2023.

A little task to do over the holidays.

The awards will be presented at the Annual Dinner, after the AGM, on Saturday 18th February at Edenmore Golf Club. (Save the date)

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