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Privacy Policy

  1. GDPR is a European Union Regulation which was introduced in May 2018. At this time there is no detailed information available concerning how the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union will impact of the Regulation as it applies in the United Kingdom. ILDRA is a limited company registered in Northern Ireland and is subject to and governed by UK law. It does operate in the Republic of Ireland and that part of its operation is subject to Republic of Ireland law. Once the position in relation to UK law is clarified this policy may require to be updated.
  2. ILDRA operates by its board of directors in connection with its administrative and corporate functions. It also has a branch structure, with the branches primarily organising rides and meetings. Data will be collected and retained by and on behalf of the board of directors and the branch committees.
  3. Information we collect about you
    ILDRA collects data from you. The data may have been entered into an online form or received by hard copy and may be received for the purposes of membership and ride participation. The data may subsequently be stored in a database. This page advises you on how we protect the data we gather. ILDRA has a website which does not use first party cookies. (First party cookies are cookies that are set by the site itself and can only be read by this site.) The ILDRA website may use third party cookies. (Third party cookies are set by third parties which can be for tracking or advertising.)
  4. ILDRA collects information that you provide with your membership application forms and may be from online or hard copy forms. ILDRA also records data relating to participation at rides organised by ILDRA or rides outside Ireland about which you are required to notify ILDRA.
  5. ILDRA by its office bearers at board and branch level also retains information you have provided to enable the collection of your annual membership subscriptions and records of the dates and amounts of payments. If a cheque is received, ILDRA may retain a copy of the cheque for verification and accounting purposes. If you are a creditor of ILDRA and have received an electronic payment from ILDRA we will retain details of your bank account and the record date and amounts of such payments.
  6. ILDRA may also ask you for information if you report a problem with your data records or in line connection with online communications. If you contact us, or an office bearer in connection with ILDRA business, we may keep a record of that correspondence.
  7. How we store your information
    ILDRA takes all steps reasonably necessary to ensure your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy.
  8. ILDRA has a website which is publicly accessible without use of a password.   (Only ILDRA members who have permission to alter the content of the website do require a password for such purpose.  ILDRA stores each password in an encrypted format using a hashing algorithm)
  9. ILDRA uses an online facility to collect membership subscriptions and to pre-enter rides. That website is run by another company. ILDRA does not have access to the password created by you for access to that facility or the payment details.
  10. Every effort is taken to protect your personal data, however, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to the email address of ILDRA’s office bearers. Any transmission by email is at your own risk.
  11. How we use your information
    ILDRA will only use personal information to provide you with information on rides, meetings and any other ILDRA events, and other endurance riding related activities. That information will be provided by post, email, SMS or other message.
  12. Personal information will not be passed to third parties, save when we are required to do so by Horse Sport Ireland (“HSI”) or the Fédération Equestre Internationale (“FEI”) in relation to our responsibilities for the organisation of endurance riding in Ireland, or to another party when required by law to do so. If you are a team member, ILDRA may pass on sufficient personal information to another ride organisation as is required to facilitate your entry into an event.
  13. ILDRA may retain a database for the purposes of record keeping required in relation to its functions which contains ride results. This will contain the name of the rider, the horse ridden, the class entered and the result. This database may be accessible by the public on the internet. In the event of a member, or former member, requesting that that data be deleted, ILDRA will not remove this particular data as it is intended to be a permanent record of ride participation.
  14. ILDRA may publicise the results and a report of an event which may include the name of participants.
  15. If you are a ride organiser or committee member, ILDRA may publicise your name and contact details to facilitate the running of a ride or the organisation of the business of ILDRA.
  16. As mentioned in 9 (above) another company operates a website which facilitates on-line payments to ILDRA and is therefore a data processor. It will be responsible for the confidentiality of data provided to it under its policy. We will endeavour to ensure the integrity of that company or any other data processor used by ILDRA to protect the integrity and privacy of your data.
  17. Your rights.
    You have a right to resign membership of ILDRA at any time. You can request us to stop sending you direct mail, emails, SMS or other messages or ask us to stop processing your details.
  18. You are entitled to
    (i) request information on and access to all the personal data we hold about you;
    (ii) request that any inaccurate personal data we hold be corrected;
    (iii) to object to certain types of processing of your personal data we carry out;
    (iv) request that we delete the personal data we hold about you
  19. Should you remain a member of ILDRA and request that we do not send any communication to you, you will be deemed to relinquish your rights under company law as a member of ILDRA to receive notifications of meetings of ILDRA etc. Should you request that we delete your personal data, ILDRA reserves the right to still retain such data as it is required to do to facilitate its operation, however such data will be retained in a closed list (save in the case of ILDRA’s ride result database).
  20. Termination
    On your resignation, or on your failure to renew your membership, your membership details and subscription records will be removed from the current membership list, but records relating to your membership will be retained in a closed list and held for such period as ILDRA considers appropriate.
  21. Changes to our Privacy Policy
    Any changes we may make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on our website and, where appropriate, notified to you by email.
  22. Contact Addresses
    Contact details for office bearers of ILDRA will be provided on the website.
    Other addresses –
    Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF
    Data Protection Commission, Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington, Co. Laois, R32 AP23
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