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FEI - Fédération Équestre Internationale - governs the sport of Endurance Riding at World level. HSI - Horse Sport Ireland - is charged with running Equestrian Sport (except racing) in Ireland. ILDRA's Compeitive Rides are recognised by HSI for FEI Novice Qualification.

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Summary of 1* Qualifications criteria

Novice Qualifying: to be administered by each NF. The Novice Qualification eligibility form (Annex 2 of the Endurance Rules) needs to be filled in on the FEI online platform prior to the relevant NF making the first entry for the Athlete/Horse.

Horses and Athletes must, though not necessarily as a combination: Successfully complete 2 rides of distances between 40-79 km and 2 rides of between 80-90 km at speeds of 16 kph or under.

From their first novice qualification ride, athletes must complete the requirements of this qualifying phase within 24 months. Once novice qualifications are fully completed, athletes are eligible to compete in a CEI1* event 6 months from the completion of the first novice event. After having completed the novice qualification, should an athlete fail to complete in a CEI1* during the next 24 months period, the athlete will need to refresh their novice qualification before progressing further.

For 8 years old Horses and older, dispensation of art. 816.1.2 and 816.1.3 can be granted if athletes and Horses, not necessarily as a combination, have accumulated a minimum of 240km in a maximum of three National Events in a 36 months period.

The full FEI rules, including relevent qualification criteria can be found on the FEI Web site here.

Please check to ensure if there any further updates on FEI web site before relying on the above.

Post 1* Qualification

For further information on sequential qualification up to FEI Championship level please see FEI Endurance Rule book and in particular Articles 815 & 816